Rick Roberts

Rick Roberts is a 40-year veteran of the rock’n’roll wars. He began his recording career in 1970 with the Flying Burrito Brothers and was a major contributor to their last two albums. He went on to do two solo albums and then form the well-known band Firefall in 1974, with whom he played for seven years during their heyday. He has also been a member of Stephen Stills’ band and Linda Ronstadt’s band during his career, and has been awarded two platinum and four gold albums for his efforts.

He has had over 60 of his compositions recorded and performed including the hit songs “Just Remember I Love You,” “You Are The Woman,” “Strange Way,” “Colorado,” and several more that graced the Top 40 at one time or another.

His 2015 book Lame Brain: My Journey Back to Life was written about his recovery from a brain injury. He also authored a collection of memorable stories from his musical career, entitled Song Stories and Other Left-Handed Recollections.