Betsy Craig

BETSY CRAIG is our nation’s leading expert in the areas of food allergies, food safety, menu labeling and now accommodations. Craig, an Award-Wining CEO & Founder of MenuTrinfo®, LLC, assists over 100 major brands with menu labeling, 450+ Colleges and Universities with food allergy / food safety training, and recently added certification and auditing to the offerings. Certifying 8 brands and 24+ colleges to date as free from allergens to make them safe for special needs diners. Betsy release her first book in 2018 called UNSTOPPABLE A Recipe for Success in Life and Business sharing her journey. Her second book, Unstoppable: When Strong is All There Is which is due out in 2020, documents her and others undergoing Stem Cell Transplant to recover and be cured from auto immune diseases like Scleroderma, and Multiple Sclerosis. Saving lives is Betsy’s personal daily mission.