Writing About Science & Other Everyday Wonders

Space limited. Please sign up in advance for this workshop by calling the Poudre River Public Library District Answer Center: 970-221-6740.

My dog is a physicist.  Whenever I eat, my miniature dachshund Otto slips beneath the kitchen table and sits, staring at the floor, waiting for scraps of food to fall.  He understands that the cosmic power of gravity is on his side. In ways small and very large, science affects our everyday lives, the stories we tell about our lives.  So as writers, let’s try our hand at bringing to life these forces that can profoundly affect us or our real or imagined characters.  Germs, volcanic blasts and hurricanes, depression-causing rain, climate change, the chemistry of food or the brain, the nature of time—these and more can inspire stories or metaphors that can enrich our writing.  Whether you’re a scientist or a science-phobe, this workshop will help you explore these everyday wonders. Instructor: John Calderazzo.