Poetry: This is My Letter to the World

While Congress and the U.S. Postal Service debate ending Saturday delivery and many mourn the lost art of letter writing, contemporary poets continue to explore and expand the artful possibilities of writing in the epistolary mode. If the earliest epistolary poetry of Ovid and Horace framed many of the debates about “letter poems” that persist today, more experimental epistolary writing both remains in conversation with the history of the form, and breaks from it. This workshop, led by Jenny Browne, will provide a chance to read (and write) our way through a range of questions about letter poems, including: What do the differences between epistles that suggest themselves as communication to an actual person and those that are obviously fiction mean for both writers and readers? Does an epistolary poem have to be an actual letter? How does the understanding of an external audience affect the content of an epistle? If a poem actually wasn’t sent to someone, does it “count” as a letter? Why bother framing a poem as a letter at all?

Space limited. Please sign up in advance for this workshop by calling the Poudre River Public Library District Answer Center: 970-221-6740.