Disorder, NOS: Autism, Parenting and Para-disability

The diagnosis of autism involves the study of factors arrayed like suns in the code of spectrum. Many lights and no system. During the first five years of their daughter’s life, authors Aby Kaupang and Matthew Cooperman spent cumulative months in hospitals, doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, psychiatric wards, therapy clinics, and laboratories. Medical encounters became existential tremors. Their book NOS (disorder, not otherwise specified) documents the extreme present of living a life “not otherwise specified.” But the other side of disorder is advocacy, and their journey of affection, affliction, learning to love & protect a child who is Other, is also the story of para-disability, that which is next to, surrounds. Discussing the various identities and needs of those in the orbit of disability, Kaupang and Cooperman will share their experiences, and they ways they have made a difficult life work, even sing. Book sales and signing to follow.