The FoCo Book Fest has received another grant to support its efforts in developing a premier literary arts event in the region and to bring exciting literary voices to northern Colorado. The $9,000 grant from the City of Fort Collins is part of “Fort Fund,” the Cultural Development & Programming and Tourism Accounts.

According to the Fort Fund website, their objective is to provide funds to “foster, encourage, and promote 1) cultural development and programming, and 2) economic and tourism development.”

Fort Fund’s overarching goal, similar to that of the organizations involved in FoCo Book Fest, is to serve as a catalyst in making Fort Collins a cultural center and destination.

Fort Fund supports events that:

  • Enrich the cultural life of the Fort Collins community
  • Promote local heritage and diversity
  • Provide opportunities for community members to participate in, create, learn from or experience arts and culture
  • Help to define Fort Collins as a destination for arts and culture
  • Elevate the community and broaden perspectives
  • Have wide appeal for a significant part of the community
  • Promote the general welfare of the inhabitants of the City.