Call for “Human Books” for Living Library

Real people serve as “books,” share unique stories, talents, backgrounds, and perspectives

Poudre River Public Library District is seeking members of the community to join our Living Library project, and be part of a collection of diverse people who will share individual stories, talents, and experiences with small groups of “readers” during a special event on April 25, 2020 at Old Town Library.

Individuals interested in serving as a book and sharing their story should contact Audrey, the District’s Volunteer Manager, at (970) 221-6183 by April 1, 2020.

People serving as a living book will be asked to meet with a small group of community members – or, readers – during the April special event for informal conversations around their individual story. It’s an opportunity for the community to engage in discussion and meet unique people.

“Our Living Library Project is an effort to build community connections, foster dialogue, and give people an opportunity to meet and learn from someone they might not otherwise have had a chance to meet,” says David Slivken, executive director, Poudre River Public Library District.

The deadline to volunteer to be a living book is April 1, 2020. Sign up to participate as a “reader” will begin in April where you can browse the books and put one on hold. The special Living Library Book Fair event will be held April 25 at Old Town Library.