FoCo Writers Read


Saturday, October 19
11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Art Lab Fort Collins (239 Linden St.)

Readings by local writers, hosted by Northern Colorado Writers. 

11:00 AM  Nina Little
“Spirit Baby: Travels through China on the Long Road to Motherhood”
Part memoir and part travelogue, this story tells the author’s journey through infertility, the healing benefits of travel and the many wonders of China.

11:12 AM  Kari Redmond
“What We Let Go”
An excerpt from her current work in progress. It’s a coming-of-age story about two best friends and the brother between them.

11:24 AM  Morgan Taylor
“Mary Quite Contrary” and “A Theory of Plastic Flamingos”
With Halloween just around the corner, these story poems are suitable to the season.

11:36 AM  Sally Jo
“Droplets: Of Four Sisters”
This collection of poetry celebrates four women, their differences and similarities, and their relationships as sisters and friends.

11:48 AM  Zach Gilbert
“Athena’s Prison”
A short story.

12:00 PM  Alaric Silver-Lord
“The Forest”
A traveler finds himself in an ancient forest, untouched by human or animal, that seems to possess a mind of its own.

12:12 PM  Paul Lebrun
“Nothing Happens”
When nothing happens, it’s really something!

12:24 PM  Karen Auvinen
“Living Wild”
Excerpt from the memoir, Rough Beauty: Forty Seasons of Mountain Living.

12:36 PM  Erica Reid
“Trial Garden: Poems
Poetry about the mice, love, cemeteries, and the American West.

12:48 PM  Heather Hein
“Writer’s Block”
What happens when writer’s block becomes more than writer’s block, and begins to haunt your whole life?

1:00 PM  BREAK

1:15 PM  Johannah Knudson
“Stars, Meteors, Bombs”
Poems connect physics to fungus, warfare to wasps,, drawing together an absurd diversity of concepts.

1:27 PM  Jennifer Wortman
Excerpt from “What Family Does”
The first section of a short story from her collection This. This. This. Is. Love. Love. Love.

1:39 PM  Lucia Sabo
This is part of a larger work about coming of age.

1:51 PM  Yusnavy Ramos
“Mom’s Lessons”, “Portrait of a Father” and “Tapestry”
A series of essays.

2:03 PM  Aimee Furhman
“Raising Lifelong Readers”
A guide to give parents quick and easily implementable strategies for increasing their children’s love of books and reading.

2:15 PM  Christiana Guppy
A lyric essay written in memory of her father.

2:27 PM  Annmarie Delfino
“Silver Witness”
A selection of poems that probe the inconsistencies tying our self-perceptions to our bodily experience.

2:39 PM  Sarah Reichert
“Lie In Wait”, “Undeparted,” “Not Ours,” and “Phenominity”
A collection of poetry centered around the themes of nature, love, and the beauty of human frailty.

2:51 PM  Evan Senie
“Line Taut, Eyes Up, Wait” and “Scarecrow”
Two flash nonfiction essays – the first is about fishing with his dad and brother as a child, and the second is about coming upon a car crash on I-25.

3:03 PM  Margaret Gilfoyle
“Pachamama’s Beautiful Food” – Magical Recipe Alchemy and Love Affair with the Earth
Poems and stories from her new gluten-free cookbook, celebrating and honoring our precious, sacred earth.

3:15 PM  Sarah Sloane
“Bodies Like Us”

3:27 PM  Mary Beth Eversole
“Invisible Wounds Episode 1: The Demon Within”
A pilot TV series script about one woman’s struggle and triumph over a lifelong battle with an eating disorder and body dysmorphia caused by multiple traumas.

3:39 PM  Danny Schonning
“Four Abecedarians”
This collection of poems uses the alphabet as container and formal constraint, interrogating the nature of made and unmade things.

3:51 PM  Kerrie Flanagan
“The Nine, book one of The Judas Files”
Good guys can end up in Hell and when Gabe gets summoned to the office of Judas Iscariot, he soon realizes his afterlife will never be the same again.