Writing Workshops (Friday)


Workshops are free but require registration. Space is limited.

REGISTRATION OPENS Monday, October 1, at 10:00 AM MST.


Participate in writing workshops and self-publishing seminars designed to broaden your writing and encourage creativity. Learn how to develop your character’s voice and dialogue, advance your poetry, write scientific articles, create compelling sci-fi, and more. All writing workshops are Friday, October 19 at Old Town Library.

To register by phone: (970) 221-6740 – Answer Center, Poudre River Public Library District

To register online: Click on the workshop title below and you’ll be taken directly to the Library District’s event registration page. 

Friday, October 19, Old Town Library


10:30 AM – Noon – How to Self-Publish Successfully with Teresa Funke
Are you interested in becoming a published author? In this workshop, Teresa Funke shares insight into the complex process and varying options for publishing your work. She has worked with many writers to help them understand the self-publishing world and to navigate through the various steps to creating, formatting, and self-publishing their work. You do not need to have writing that is ready-to-go to make the most of this workshop. Be sure to bring your questions!


10:30 AM – Noon – Writing About Science & Other Everyday Wonders with John Calderazzo
My dog is a physicist.  Whenever I eat, my miniature dachshund Otto slips beneath the kitchen table and sits, staring at the floor, waiting for scraps of food to fall.  He understands that the cosmic power of gravity is on his side. In ways small and very large, science affects our everyday lives, the stories we tell about our lives.  So as writers, let’s try our hand at bringing to life these forces that can profoundly affect us or our real or imagined characters.  Germs, volcanic blasts and hurricanes, depression-causing rain, climate change, the chemistry of food or the brain, the nature of time—these and more can inspire stories or metaphors that can enrich our writing.  Whether you’re a scientist or a science-phobe, this workshop will help you explore these everyday wonders. 

12:30 – 2:00 PM – Poetry: This is My Letter to the World with Jenny Browne
While Congress and the U.S. Postal Service debate ending Saturday delivery and many mourn the lost art of letter writing, contemporary poets continue to explore and expand the artful possibilities of writing in the epistolary mode. If the earliest epistolary poetry of Ovid and Horace framed many of the debates about “letter poems” that persist today, more experimental epistolary writing both remains in conversation with the history of the form, and breaks from it. This workshop will provide a chance to read (and write) our way through a range of questions about letter poems, including: What do the differences between epistles that suggest themselves as communication to an actual person and those that are obviously fiction mean for both writers and readers? Does an epistolary poem have to be an actual letter? How does the understanding of an external audience affect the content of an epistle? If a poem actually wasn’t sent to someone, does it “count” as a letter? Why bother framing a poem as a letter at all?

12:30 – 3:00 PM – Talk to Me: A Voice & Dialogue Workshop with April Moore
Our characters and their unique voices, are what make readers fall in love with a book. A protagonist’s voice is all he or she has to communicate to the reader, so it’s crucial to give your character a unique and compelling voice. Voices shine through dialogue, which done correctly, will create tension, propel the plot, and give vital insight into our character’s head, heart, and soul. Body language and gestures are also ways to convey voice. Through lecture, instruction, examples, and exercises, participants will learn what it takes to create unique and memorable character voices that will speak volumes to readers.

1:00 – 5:00 PM – One-on-One Publishing Consulting with Teresa Funke
Are you interested in getting your writings published? Sit down with author and consultant Teresa Funke to find out the next steps for you in your publishing adventure. Bring your work-in-progress and/or your questions and leave with some ideas of where to go next in your writing and publishing journey.

Consultations are 30 minutes long and spaces are available Friday only, from 1:00 to 5:00 PM at Old Town Library.


2:30 – 4:00 PM – Making the Strange Believable: Vital Secrets for Writing Sci-Fi & Fantasy with Todd Mitchell
An interactive session focusing on vital techniques writers use to make sci-fi and fantasy writing engaging and believable. Several practical tips will be given for avoiding common pitfalls, developing compelling fictional worlds, and getting readers to accept incredible occurrences. We’ll also explore how current research and critical social issues can be effectively integrated into thrilling narratives. Bring a notebook—writing will be part of this!